what we do

Get your songs recorded by top musicians in state-of-the-art recording studios!

Our goal is to get you connected with the best players, engineers and studios in Nashville and produce outstanding music tracks for your original songs.

Here’s how the process works:

First step: call us toll free at (877) 258-8932 and talk to one of our producers. We’ll ask for a demo of your song. A simple guitar/vocal or piano/vocal on CD, cassette, or mp3 is just fine. Be sure to include the lyrics. Once we have that in hand, we’ll contact you to discuss your project. This is where we make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll talk about style, tempo, arrangement, and instrumentation. And since we have your success at heart, we’ll make suggestions on how to present your song in the best possible way. Then we create professionally prepared chord charts for the session players.

The players

Next we hire the musicians; and these guys are good. So good, they’ve played on some of the very songs you’ve been listening to on the radio. Whatever the style: pop, rock, gospel, country; these guys have the experience will take your song to the next level!

In the studio

Now it’s off to the studio. We set up a session date in a professional studio in the Nashville area. We have associations with notch production facilities with gear to drool over: we’re talking Solid State Logic console, ProTools, mics by Neumann, AGK, Blue Tube, preamps by Avalon—you get the idea. Here we record your and mix your song under the careful guidance of one of our seasoned engineers. The result is a professionally recorded track that is sure to deliver results!

  • I can't thank you enough for helping me with this song! Your addition of keys and strings add so much depth to the sound.
    David G.
  • Nashville Master Tracks brings together a team of top-notch arrangers and musicians, combined with the highest level of engineering expertise. They have worked with me on endeavors ranging from studio recording – with elements as diverse as gospel, swing, jazz, operatic and pop – all the way to live staged productions, including a performance by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. With each and every challenge, they have invariably excelled beyond my expectations, and I can’t wait to work with them again on my next project.
    Michael L.
  • NMT makes beautiful music. I give them a sketch - lyrics, melody and a basic progression - and they turn it into a masterpiece. They know how to communicate through music, creating a package that makes a real emotional connection with the listener.
    Kristin M.
  • Whenever I am asked to record or in need of a track, I have to call Nashville Master Tracks. I know without a doubt my project will absolutely be the very best it can be. Charles is my must have for a quality music project.
    Annette M.
  • I have worked on music projects with Nashville Master tracks for over 30 years in recording studios and live concerts. Their goal has always been to accomplish an excellent job; musical and productional, to highlight the artist or client. You won't be diss appointed with your project.
    James P.
  • Charles and George are incredibly gifted producers, arrangers, and musicians. I have completed several music projects with them and have always enjoyed the journey along the way (from conception to completion). It is always an exciting and rewarding experience working with them. I have received great reviews for the quality and creativity of each finished project.  My songs have been heard on radio stations around the world. I look forward to future projects with them. And yes…I highly recommend them for your next music project.

    Bob W.